About our Prices

An Ideal customer for Pampered Paws would be a dog owner that is not only looking for a quality haircut, but one who is looking for a reasonable price

The price for each dog varies, depending on the size and coat condition. You will never have to pay extra for hand scissoring or additional brushing. It is my obligation as a professional groomer to have your dog leaving Pampered Paws looking his or her best without charging extra for these services.

The cost of a groom includes:Nail Trimming, Ear Cleaning, a complete brush out, bath, blow-dry and a full haircut.

Our Prices vary by the dog's size and coat condition, so please feel free to call us at 978-703-0955 and ask for an estimate for your pet.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover

Cash and Personal checks are also accepted